What is website SEO?

A very important thing which concerns people who own websites and receive income out of that. It’s very important for a person who receives income from his website to have a website being insight in any aspect with a great and suitable rank in google search engines in order to achieve more and more visitors.

The first step to having a professional website SEO is to analyze your site to recognize it’s weaknesses and finally resolving them.

website seo

The most basic work is to optimize the website’s general structure according to search engines and working on the improvement of the keyword if it’s necessary

SEO stands for search engine optimization

SEO is programmed to help your website to be seeing better and reach higher ranks in daily searches. SEO isn’t easy. a SEO worker must always be up to date because search engines suddenly change their algorithms which can’t be anticipated.

It’s good to know that google’s ranking is an algorithm with 200 standards in website rankings and a SEO worker must use the most important standards to having a successful SEO.

Seo’s targets

Seo has some goals, such as good SEO can increase the website’s visits and increase its traffic. The website can achieve better ranks in search engines which causes branding. A website with successful SEO is the best tool for advertisement and in result a better sell of products.

سئو سایت چیست

SEO's targets

A website with successful SEO is the best tool for advertisement and in result a better sell of products.

Types of SEO

سئوی داخلی

On page SEO

سئوی خارجی

Off page SEO

SEO on page: it’s very important to do SEO on-page correctly before starting SEO off-page. This kind of relates to direct control in codes and website contents such: texts, images, and links. Generally, we can say anything you load on your website depends on this kind of SEO. In SEO on-page, we do our best to observe principles and standards in google’s search engines.

any kind of variation in your website is effective in search results. In order to gain a better rank, first of all, we work on our website’s SEO on-page.

Next step for gaining better rank is to choose a suitable title. Keep it in mind the best place to choose a keyword is the title

An important subject to achieve better rank in google is content generation and google itself says you should prepare contents for your users then write and finally publish not just for the robots but for your users

Seo off-page: this is an unlimited process which SEO specialists perform that. This SEO is done out of your website, and in fact, it achieves some links from other sites and improves your website’s rank in search engines.

Definition of white hat SEO and black hat SEO:

White hat SEO: it’s completely adapted with the regulation of search engines, and there is no effort in deception, and it will be ranked correctly also its called moralist SEO with a long-time goal with correct politics to achieve a high rank

Black hat SEO: it deceives search engines which causes your site to gain a sudden well rank .it manipulates the algorithms of search engine. A wrong-way which is not accepted from any search engine. If it’s used to improve the site’s rank, then it is possible for it to be removed from the database forever. With this method at first, you will have a great improvement in your rank you eventually you will be fined and even permanent deletion from database

سئوی کلاه سفید

White hat SEO & Black hat SEO

What are the most important standards for optimizing search engines?

You can add stuff like (allow), (disallow), (URL) in website’s map you can add the website’s map to robots.txt And also using (crowl).

The most important techniques for optimizing websites are : 

Increasing External, links changing file names and using suitable keywords. Creating one-way links .using title in a correct way. Using meta tags ( meta tags are up the page and can be the first items to be checked by search engines ) and robots.txt. optimizing the contents which are written for our website

Internal links are very important for your website improvement. Heading tags are also important, and tag h1 is the most important and also the best. It must be only one of its type on each page. Website speed is very important. The more speed of your loading, the better rank your website gets with more visitors.

But if you have a low-speed website your website’s rank will decrease