website design

What is website design? How can we design different kinds of websites?

Website design: Web design includes many different elements to produce and sustain a website. It contains different aspects such as graphic design, interface design, authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design and search engine optimization. Usually, different teams co-operate together to create a website ;however, some designers do them all. The term web design often refers to the process of front-end design of a website.

Maybe you are a person who reached to this conclusion that you should improve your business and you know at the current situation of our society the improvement of technology caused people to advertise their business on social media.

Nowadays,  website design has specific importance, and in order to get an ideal result, it must be leave up to an expert. Having just assertion of website design skill doesn’t guarantee him. There are lots of skilled and experts people who can carry out your work in the best manner.

Now if we define the word web design, we can say anything which helps your site looks better.

website design
  • طراحی سایت شرکتی

    company webdesign

    Design and support company website

  • طراحی سایت خبری

    News website

    Design and support news and magazine websites.

  • طراحی سایت فروشگاهی

    web store design

    Web store design and support

  • طراحی سایت شخصی

    custom web design

    Design and support custom and resume websites.

Steps of creating a web site


Which web site has a better function?

The best site is the responsive one.  The responsive website has the adaptability with all dimensions and resolutions of different kinds of devices. At the moment, about 50%  of people use mobile and tablets.

Responsive sites are both affordable and better-gained rank in google with more visitors and also more popular than other search engines.

responsive webdesign

What is web store?

A web store shows your economic activity. If you are the lord of a job but still having no web store for it, in fact, you have no business. Building a web store can have the great improvement to your business which makes you to do your best to keep it.

website design
news websitedesign

news site properties

Nowadays people use internet instead of magazine and newspapers but, the shortage of optimized news sites is a problem.  if you intend to create a website which announces the news, you should create the one which contains the whole principles of journalism and observe the correctness of the news
As a successful person in creating a website you should always know that honesty is the primary concern of people.

What is a personal web site?

It might have come to your mind that why should I have a personal web site as long as I can introduce my  business in weblogs? But you should know that you need this personal web site to show your business and yourself in a modern way with more prestige.

Does your website need support after creation?

The answer is YES. All websites need support after creation. At different  times  there must be an expert to deal with the possible errors of the website.  Now website support included :

Uploading contents, produce contents with SEO standards, create an image, redesign pages, technical security and getting back up regularly.

website design

Website optimization

There are some factores for pages to make them standard and they perform their task by web site optimization. The collection of techniques  which improves SEO are called optimization.

Optimization consists of titles, pictures, broken links, contents and destructive codes which a web site contains.

Advantages of a website

Having a web site can reduce advertising costs of business.  Nowadays, it’s necessary to have access to a website to gain information . marketing done by SEO has lower costs.
Your website can give a lot of credit to your business because you can introduce your brand to everyone. you can also keep your information up to date and aware of your customers as fast as possible.

you can also present different articles about your products and give  general information to your customers to sell more and better
and finally, the necessary information which a web site should contains are:
contact us, about us, services and portfolio